If Your Headline Fails Your Copy Fails

Your Headline Must Catch The Attention of Your Reader or the Rest of Your Message Is Toast!

In the editorial section of today's Wall Street Journal, I noticed the following headline: Sex For Food   I read the two paragraph report. I'll bet 90% of the males who looked at that page of the Wall Street Journal read that report. 

Just three words helped the author achieve his goal - to have that article read. Every person writing  content wants their material  read. It will not be read unless the headline catches their attention.

Up until about  3 months ago, like most people,  I went through my postal mail while standing over a trash can. Now rather than tossing mail that have products, services or topics of no interest, I look for compelling headlines. Junk mail uses the best copywriters available. Think about it, just a slight change in the response rate can mean huge differences in the profit from just one mailing. So now I pay attention to headlines - everywhere. I pay attention to billboards, newspapers, magazines, junk mail, email and more. 

I have one growing in success web site  that  has a head I adapted from a junk mail piece promoting a financial services product. I used a headline found in a  newspaper in this article. I am no longer simply writing what I think will work. I am following the lead of what does work.

By the way, improvements in sales from using emotional direct response marketing techniques has been a key component of the success of more than 80 % of my clients.

Author: Steve Pohlit, a business consultant who has helped companies in many industries including: retail, manufacturing, wholesale distribution, restaurant, real estate and trucking achieve increased profits. All information published by Steve, unless otherwise noted, may be republished without restriction with this resource box intact.  For more information please visit www.stevepohlit.com